LD-R (http://ld-r.org)
System Usability Scale
Please help us improve the quality of LD-R by taking five minutes to tell us about your experience working with LD-R as well as your helpful expectations.
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This survey consists of three short sections:

Section 1 focuses on your evaluation of LD-R system in overall.

Section 2 asks you about some specific LD-R features you used.

Section 3 is about you!

Section 1 | LD-R System Usability Evaluation

I think that I would like to use LD-R frequently. *

I found LD-R unnecessarily complex. *

I thought LD-R was easy to use. *

I think that I would need assistance to be able to use LD-R. *

I found the various functions in LD-R were well integrated. *

I thought there was too much inconsistency in LD-R. *

I would imagine that most people would learn to use LD-R very quickly. *

I found LD-R very cumbersome/awkward to use. *

I felt very confident using this software. *

I needed to learn a lot of things before I could get going with this software. *

Section 2 | LD-R features

My operating system was *

It was very difficult to install LD-R on my operating system. *

I managed to add a new configuration to LD-R *

How easy was to add a new config to LD-R?

I managed to add a new component to LD-R *

How easy was to add a new component to LD-R?

Section 3 | About You

What's your gender?

How old are you?

Do you have experience working with JavaScript?

Are you familiar with Linked Data technologies?

Your email address

if you want us to update you about the LD-R development
Any other comments, remarks, suggestions?

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